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Why Train your Dog?
The Importance of K9 Training and your relationship with your dog.

You have acquired a new puppy or adult dog to share your home. This is great! However to really understand the magnitude of this step, you have to place it on the same level as let’s say - inviting an Alien Being from Planet Pluto to live in your house. That is how “way-out”, acquiring a new puppy or dog is. The sad part is that most humans don’t realize this.

Everyone would love for the “Pluto Comes to Earth”- story to have an ever-after, happy ending. This of course is entirely possible, unfortunately it does not always happen. Pluto can become mans best friend, but only if you take the trouble to teach him some basic household rules and acceptable earthly behaviors.

Regardless of Pluto’s breed, size or age he can benefit from good leadership, knowing household rules, getting exercise and receiving training. People have different goals, whether your aim is to enjoy competition obedience or merely have the pleasure of a well-mannered family friend, the fundamental truth stays the same. Your relationship with your dog will determine how successful you are in reaching your goal. Training with your dog helps to strengthen the dog-owner bond and also equip you with the skills needed to be a good Canine Leader.

This all said and done, I truly believe the most important aspect of a well-trained dog is:

The freedom and quality of life it grants your dog! If you have control over your dog, he can enjoy so much more of life’s gifts and pleasures. If he does not pull on the lead, you will take him for a walk. If he comes when you call, he can walk off lead. If he behaves in company, there is no need to lock him away when guests arrive. The list of benefits are never ending...

The beauty is, it is all up to you!

Why Train