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Group Training for our Dog?
Positive reinforcement training the way to a dog's heart

Puppy Socializing and Obedience Training

Puppy Training and socialization is most probably the most important training you could ever do with your puppy.

Learn everything about puppy care and basic obedience skills. Puppies are afforded ample time to socialize with other puppies throughout this 6 week course. Puppy training is generally on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Beginner K9 Training

The beginner group is aimed at dogs aged 6 months and older. It is advisable that elementary Puppy Training is in place and that the dog has socializing skills in place.

This training is suitable for dogs that are aiming to achieve their Elementary  and Beginner Obedience Certificate and their CGC Bronze and CGC Silver Certificates.

Obedience Training for Dogs K9 Training School Puppy Training

Intermediate K9 Training

Suitable for dogs aiming to achieve their Novice Obedience Certificate, CGC Silver and Gold Certificate.

Advanced K9 Training

Aimed at dogs who have obtained their Novice Obedience and/or CGC Gold certificate and are also training for Competition.

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Gundog Training

Aimed at dogs and their owners who are interested in Gundog / Retriever activities in the Field for Fun and/or Competition.

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