CGC Graduation at Zimzala

Grading Exams and Games Night
"Ons Meet wat jy Weet"


K9 Obedience Training 101At the end of each term there will be an opportunity to take an examination and obtain a certificate in the level/grade tested. Enrollment is not compulsory. All grading will be handled by an external examiner.

Grading Examination Enrollment

Certificates can be achieved in the following fields and levels of training:

Note that all Dog/Handler teams must obtain entry level certificates before they can move on to the next level grading.

Obedience Certificates

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Canine Good Citizen Certificates

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Games Night / Forest Walk

"Games night" is an end of term activity. This is our way of celebrating all the hard work you and your dog have put in during your training term. Fun games are employed to test you and your dog's obedience skills. This fun evening is concluded with a glass of wine and something to eat. (Weather permitting)

This is also an opportunity, for those so inclined, to make a financial or other contribution in aid of our local Animal Welfare.