Max the Ridgeback @ Zimzala

Zimzala Bare Bones
What you need to know before commencing with K9 Training. Its the Rules!

Zimzala Icon     All visiting dogs are to be on a lead at ALL times. This is for your dog’s safety
Zimzala Icon     No on-lead socializing! Please respect the personal space of other dogs.
Zimzala Icon     Off-lead roaming are only allowed within the indicated training paddocks, under supervision of instructors.
Zimzala Icon     Do not approach a benched dog i.e. a dog without its owner/handler tied to a stake, pole or benching area.
Zimzala Icon     Always bench your dogs away from activity or parked cars.
Zimzala Icon     Whilst attending training classes, visitors have access to indicated training areas only.
Zimzala Icon     Zimzala K9 Hotel Facilities and Residential Areas are off limits to all visitors.
Zimzala Icon     Whilst children are welcomed at our facilities, parents must ensure that they don’t disrupt classes or distract dogs from their training. Please keep them on a short leash.
Zimzala Icon     Children are not allowed to play/climb on fences, training and agility equipment.
Zimzala Icon     Please pick-up all your dog's droppings. We have special scoops for this purpose in every paddock.
Zimzala Icon     Please make use of rubbish bins and plastic bags provided to dispose of your dog's droppings.
Zimzala Icon     If you have to smoke on the premises, please dispose of cigarette buts in an appropriate manner - extinguish and throw in the rubbish bins.
Zimzala Icon     Dogs, not enrolled in classes, are not allowed on the premises. You may come across our jay walking resident dogs from time to time. Treat them with respect - they live here.
Zimzala Icon     Always drive slowly when entering the premises. There are free roaming animals, children, rabbits, turkeys, peacocks, cats and dogs  that live here!!


Our aim is to make every dog and all handlers training a safe, rewarding and enjoyable experience. Please assist us. Enjoy your training!!