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A well trained Dog is a Happy Dog

Where Life is a Dog!

K9 Obedience Training 101 At Zimzala K9 Training Center our ultimate goal is to assist dogs and their owners to experience the joy of true companionship and love from their special relationship. As with most relationships, a good understanding of each other and effective communication is key.

To help us achieve this goal we focus on;

  • Educating dog owners with regards to responsible dog ownership;
  • Building strong dog/owner relationships, based on trust and mutual respect;
  • Helping owners to train and manage their dogs to be happy and socially well-adjusted dogs;
  • Providing an understanding as to why dogs do what they do and in turn help the owners to manage and come to terms with such behaviours;
  • Helping dog owners to have confidence in, and control of their dogs in any situation;
  • Teaching dog owners to use motivational, reward based training and behaviour modification methods; 

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